You find it nearly impossible to make time for your goals, your happiness and your self-care. WITHOUT A PLAN, you will continue to struggle to make time to recharge, reignite, and refill your cup. 

You feel stuck, frustrated, and you're having a hard time determining you next best move because YOU ARE MISSING A PLAN!

You are taking action and you are making moves, but nothing seems to stick or give you the results you crave because YOU NEED A PLAN! 

You want more from your life and your career. You want to lose weight, feel better, and find your happiness, but you don't know what your next best move is and can't seem to get unstuck, and that is because YOU HAVE NOT PLANNED FOR HAPPINESS & SUCCESS THE RIGHT WAY! 

Plan For Success Now

A plan, the RIGHT PLAN, will help achieve your goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life. A plan provides laser focus on your goals and clarity about how to get unstuck, what to do next, how to do it, and what super powers you need to tap into as you achieve your goals, find your happiness, and get healthy and fit - mind, body, and spirit. A good plan will take into account your busy work life, the kids and their schedules, and all the bits of pieces of your hectic and sometimes complicated life. 

If you are ready to achieve your goals, stay motivated, and make your next best move, then ...


In the Fire Starter Kit, you will learn how to execute your easy-to-implement custom fiery success plan so you can finally get unstuck, pursue your passion & purpose, and achieve the happiness, fulfillment, and results you want!

Juggling many responsibilities including managing a busy household with my partner and our 2 children, keeping up with my health and wellness needs as someone with Multiple Sclerosis, trying to attain personal fitness and body goals, working to grow my real estate business, and also knowing that I still needed time for myself… I knew I needed some help. Rhonda was a tremendous help to me during the time I spent with her as a life coach. Helping me organize my goals and get better with time management were some of the primary focuses we worked on. I have seen great results during and after our term together. I was able to reach the weight goal I set for myself and right now I am the busiest that I have been thus far in my real estate business. The best thing about Rhonda is that her service is personalized to you. Many of my challenges were things that she could relate to as well (as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur), which made the process very comfortable. Briana M. Cannon, REALTOR®

I am an accomplished, successful, professional woman. And there are times when even accomplished, successful, professional people need a little assistance, or a “push” to get to a place where they become an even better accomplished, successful professional.  

Rhonda has been a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mentor, teacher, and an accountability partner. We reached the goals I had set for myself during our time together.  

I highly recommend Rhonda, and it’s comforting to know she is always available as a resource should there be a time again in my life when I need a little help steering the ship. ~ Helen Sanders, Assistant Director, Applications and Data Services, Temple University